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Agile In Manufacturing

Talara Marketing is a small agile beauty and liquid contract manufacturer located in Orange County, California. With our speciality in speed-to-market we help small and mid-size beauty brands or marketing agencies stay agile in a dynamic industry. 

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Talara Marketing has the capabilities in liquid blending, bottle filling, and custom R&D formulation. Our services can be used as a whole or separate. This helps our clients create flexible and impactful decisions in their business.

Our Services

Liquid Blending

We offer liquid blending services for moisturizers, serums, face creams, hair products, various oils and much more for all your skincare and beauty brand needs. Our team of experts ensures that your products are blended to perfection, providing you with a quality product your customers will enjoy.

Bottle Filling

Our machines are designed for fast change out and minimal cleaning that guarantee consumer safety and quality every step of the way. That means with little downtime, your products ensure speed-to market to beat the competition and keep up with volume fluctuations.

Custom R&D Formulation

With innovative and leading knowledge of ingredients, our formulators can develop or improve on your current formulations that take your brand to the next level. We provide you with unique and innovative solutions that cater to your specific needs.

Manufactured Products and Sold At

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What Brands and Agencies Say About Us

"Talara Marketing has exceeded my expectations in every aspect. Their small but agile team of experts provided me with a unique and innovative solution that helped our brands stay ahead on Amazon. I highly recommend their services."
- Maria @ Marketing
"Their highly active team has helped my brand stay ahead with quick lead times. They even helped me reformulate one of my best sellers and made it better."
- Roger @ Brand
"When other contract manufacturers were so slow at making product for me, Talara Marketing pushed my product first in line and help me from depleting inventory."
- Jessica @ Brand
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