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How To Make A Luxury Skincare Brand On A Budget

Achieving a luxury look for your product doesn't mean spending a ton of money. Just follow a couple of these tips and you can have product that looks stellar.

When it comes to making your own skincare care brand, you have to seperate yourself from the crowd. Whether you have your own formula or private labeling a formula, having the right packaging and having the right labels separates your brand from the rest.

We will choose some of our favorite packaging and some of our favorite labeling look that define what a good product appearance may look like.


Picking the right packaging can be tough. Luckily, we sifted through some of the best suppliers with the lowest MOQ yet high quality packaging we could find. Many of these packaging you can find at Hemkund Remedies Inc. or Mckernan Packaging. Here's a few of our favorite packaging styles.

1. Airless Bottles

Airless Bottles (Hemkund Remedies Inc.)

Airless bottles are considered one of the most luxurious packaging. While airless systems are mainly for formulas that react with air, this packaging has weight, and feels like quality in the palm of your hands.

Good for: Serums and lightweight creams.

2. Glass Jars

KOSMA JARS (Hemkund Remedies Inc)

Kosma glass/aluminum Jars are one of our favorite packaging for viscous products such as creams, and body butters. This packaging looks clean, simple, and has some balanced weight.

Good for: Creams and body butters.

3. Collapsible Tubes

Collapsible Tube (Mckernan Packaging)

Collapsible tubes are always a great choice for creams and some mid-weight serums. With different dispensing caps, this packaging can make your product stand out. Just make sure you contact us to seal your tubes.

Good for: lotions, creams, mid-weight serums.


These types of labeling can make your product stand out. While printing directly on your product is costly and often have to order custom packaging with high MOQ, labeling your product is a great alternative with faster turnaround times. While some of these labeling processes might be more expensive to print, these labels will help the appearance of your product.

1. Gold Foiling:

Gold foiling emphasises parts of your artwork and makes those emphasized parts eye catching. If gold foiling is not your style, you can apply silver foiling as well.

2. See-thru labels

See-thru labels or clear labels can provide that no label look. Using a clear BOPP (Polypropylene) label can let your customers know what your product looks like.

3. Matte-finish Labels

This material gives a natural look to your product. Combined with foiling, makes this type of label stand out.

A product should look stellar and professional that doesn't look like it was made from the kitchen (unless that is the market you are going for). Having a product that looks and feels well built will help increase your brand presence and appearance.

Have a question about this article or how we can help with your products? Contact us today.


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